Flora-westland offers following services:


Occasion’s, Wedding’s, Partie’s floristics:

Flora-westland is oriented to offer customers the highest quality of service with our experienced and professional designers and florists.

We are able to grow prettier the most significant moments of your life with our creative and qualified approaches.

We offer 2 types of service:
Standard and VIP

Corporate services:

Flora-westland is oriented to create highest possible comfort for customers. So we deliver products, herewith we offer following caring and technical support service.

We are focused on our customer’s loyalty, so we offer updated and improved conditions and advantages alongside with the growth of partnership.


Interior decorations:

Flora-westland’s goal is to make environment in which our customer live and work beautiful as possible.

In this way, we offer decoration of interiors with our products and with the help of our creative and highly qualified designer-florists.

Yard’s, Park’s, Square’s, building’s floristics:

Flora-westland set as goal to satisfy customer’s and society’s aesthetical demands as possible.

Therefore, we are ready to make those places more floristic, where we get during the day. We offer creative method of approach and experience, which is followed from our Dutch partner’s qualification in this field.